Where is find my iphone in settings

Install an application on your iPhone called If Found .This website allows you to enter your phone number and it will call your phone for you.Tap Find My iPhone to toggle it on.Play Sound - If your iPhone is lost nearby, you can click or tap the Play Sound button to make the iPhone play a notification sound.If you have the IMEI MEID number for your iPhone.Use iLost-finder.Make sure you are signed in with your Apple ID.

Where is find my iphone in settings

Related Articles.How to Search an iPhone.This will be played at maximum volume, which can hopefully help you track it down.Choose an action.Do you have any experience using Find My iPhone to get your phone back, or even a computer.Some other common places you may have left your iPhone include work, the gym, the restaurant you visited earlier, the bank, or any other place you may have emptied your pockets.Regardless of which method you choose, you will need to log in with the Apple ID that is associated with your lost phone.How to Check Data Usage on an iPhone.

Many home and contents insurance policies cover devices when they re out of the home, too.How to Change Your iCloud Account.Check with local law enforcement.Note this software requires a jailbroken iPhone.When your battery is very low, your phone will automatically send its last known location to Apple.iHound lets you use geofencing location alerts.

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