Google gps tracker

It s kind of like continuous integration, for a one person team, kind of I think it s a really good idea to create small plugins that do just one thing, especially when you are just starting off in Wordpress plugin development like I am .My main reason for building this plugin is that a lot of people were having difficulty installing the open source version of Gps Tracker and by creating a wordpress plugin, it takes away all that pain.July 4th, 2014 Nick Fox.I am providing here an apk file that will work with your old installations.I m pleased to announce that I have created the first video in my new series explaining how the Gps Tracker application works.GpsTracker is now based on work I had done previously on my other website, mycelltracker.I hope you enjoy the app, it s a significant improvement over the past design.But, since the app in Google Play now uses GET, any old installations will not work.April 23rd, 2014 Nick Fox.

Real Time GPS Tracker With Integrated Google Maps

It s just much easier for people to troubleshoot when they can paste a URL in the browser to test out the application.I ve already built the first three plugins, which is the map plugin, the route plugin and the database plugin.Clicking on a marker will allow you to see total distance traveled and speed.The android video tutorial is here .You may need to right click on it to download it.This allows you to choose 17 different themes.This means that it looks right on any size device such as a cell phone, tablet or desktop.

You can subscribe to my channel to get notified when I create a new tutorial.This first video focuses on the android client since that is by far the most popular platform.Here is the apk file.Post navigation.If you have an problem downloading it, leave a comment here and I will email it to you.and a cool blue one .

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