Facebook tracker app

Facebook tracker app

Even though there s no way to see who s viewing your profile, there s still a tremendous demand out there, particular among the growing population of Facebook users, for some kind of tool to see who s viewing your profile.Once you have this HTML pasted on your profile like this, any time someone visits your profile page, you ll see the StatCounter numbers increase.Clicking on the application link for Stalker Checker turns up the following error.It appears that even an app that simply aggregates user activity on your profile is no longer allowed on Facebook.Do you know of any other ways to see how many people viewed your Facebook profile.Operating from a website called StalkerTrack.

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The group was totaly gone this morning.com no longer active , the group offered MySpace members the promise of seeing what users were stalking their profile most often.Finally, you ve got your code.Now let s just go into Facebook and figure out where to insert that snippet.We have now restarted the group.

It was called the Facebook StalkerCheck.As the instructions advise, you won t be able to track the visitor IP info or other identifying information, but that s part of the reason Facebook doesn t allow Javascript.In your Facebook profile, if you don t yet have the ability to insert boxes or otherwise add sidebar HTML onto your profile, you ll need to add an application like MyStuff by Gigya. To all old fans Facebook have done something to the Stalker Check group.At least you can see how many people are visiting your profile with the HTML counter.which is what I use.As with many of these sorts of scams, the site lists the service as in Beta testing, or otherwise not yet active, but users can sign up for the service using their MySpace or in today s version, Facebook ID and password.ѕt the person can be blocked.

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