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and electronics all from scratch.Playing Cards.During WWII, a pipe was made with a secret cavity that sat in the pipe s bowl, right below the compartment that held the tobacco.These craftsmen, along with very imaginative technicians, dreamed up and brought to life a variety of extremely clever concealment devices.Here is a look at some of the coolest and manliest of the bunch.The lab consisted of a myriad of special shops that were each staffed by expert craftsmen carpenters, leather workers, bookbinders, tailors, seamstresses, and more who specialized in a certain area of production.To accomplish a similar task, agents later used flash paper that would instantly and smokelessly burn up when touched by a cigarette.Does Patton have some secret intelligence hidden in that pipe.

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If a pilot was shot down and taken prisoner, but hoped to escape, he needed to know the lay of the land where he was and how to get to safety.For the agent to listen in on the enemy s conversations, he merely had to bite down on the stem; sound was conducted through the user s bones they currently make swimming headphones that work in a similar way .And when smoking became less popular, spies used water-soluble paper that could be dissolved in coffee cups or even swallowed.Another pipe used by later spies functioned as a passive concealment; it couldn t be smoked as it housed a countersurveillance radio.You could stash your secret message in that cavity, and if you were about to be compromised, you simply twisted the pipe stem and the top compartment opened, allowing the burning embers to destroy the message.

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