Best call blocker for android

Best call blocker for android

We ve all been there.With strong features and solid execution, it s my Editors Choice for Android call blocking apps.More Information After you install Mr.Android also have millions of free and paid apps in the app store viz Google Play all these combinations really shines the android in the mobile phone market.You can easily add numbers to block list from your contacts list or call logs.Another Call Blocker is pathetic unless you buy PRO version.Thanx Again.

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To find out more, read our complete terms of use.Today, I am going to share top 5 android call blocker apps that will surely help android users to block unwanted calls.This app can trace a number of any Countries and block numbers from unwanted callers and service operator.As an added feature, you can also do reverse lookup of phone numbers.Number, presumably drawing on the enormous stockpile of information amassed by White Pages, the company that recently purchased Mr.

Since you already installed Mr.It supports a number of language includes English, Chinese, German, Spanish.Search feature integrated.Multi-language supported.Number-Block calls spam.Number stores spam submissions on its own database in future versions, I d like to see spam information shared with outside services like the GSMA database.When I searched for a number already in my contacts, the app politely informed me that a search was not necessary and that it would not count against my 20.

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With ADM you can phones are stolen every day, and comes as a carbon-copied e-mail to your MobileMe account.