How does find my iphone work

As mentioned earlier, iOS 7 brought with it an important new feature to prevent thieves from being able to do anything useful with a stolen phone.In Kevin s experience, he tried several times to get the thief to call a specific number by sending it in the SMS-like messages that can be sent from the MobileMe site.This can help you keep your device secure, even if it s in the wrong hands.Nintendo Switch review Portable power and versatile design let down by expensive accessories and.If that device comes online again it ll reappear in Find My iPhone if this happens and you re unable to access the phone to turn off Fine My iPhone properly, you can click All Devices and then click Erase.This will completely wipe the iPhone or iPad the next time it s online although credit card information stored on Apple Pay-enabled devices should be removed immediately even if your phone is offline , so none of your information will be accessible to whoever now has the device and it ll also be removed from Find My iPhone.How to use Find My iPhone How to turn off Find My iPhone.

Wonder How The - Find My Iphone - Service Helps You Locate Your Device? We Explain How it Works

You may have seen that there is a Find My iPhone app available in the App Store.This can turn using Find My iPhone into a bit of a time challenge.Unlike SMS messages, which get stored on the device, the only record of these comes as a carbon-copied e-mail to your MobileMe account.That s another good reason to always upgrade to the latest version of iOS assuming your device supports it .Updated July 14, 2009 5 34 PM PDT.

Believe it or not, what date your device thinks it is can affect whether Find My iPhone works properly.While most other 13-year-olds would panic about how to tell their parents that they ve just lost an expensive phone, Luca decided to do something about it.Almost every iPhone still in use these days has been upgraded to iOS 9 or higher, but if you re trying to track an old iPhone and can t figure out why it s not working, this could be the reason.image credit alexsl E Getty Images.If your device goes missing, put it in Lost Mode immediately.Normally when an iPhone is turned off or has no power, the Find My iPhone feature can t work as there is no signal being sent from the device.While Luca s story is unconventional and we don t recommend commandeering a black cab to get your iPhone back, it s a great example of how helpful the Find my iPhone app can be.There s plenty of room to expand on them, and despite the aforementioned shortcomings, I still think it s one of the most useful features of the service, if not one of the main reasons to invest in it.

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